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The Reference For Today's Lights
EZRA Lighting shines in North America and Europe. Our products, unique designs and innovative capabilities continue to push the envelope. EZRA Lighting products have become one of the main buying options for Builder, Interior Designer.

Welcome To EZRA Lighting

We are the manufacturer of indoor, outdoor Lights and accessories. Our head office is located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

405-1200 Sherwin Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0V1
( Sherwin Park Industrial Condos )

Innovative & Accessible Products

By combining quality and accessibility, EZRA Lighting offers a varied range of lighting fixtures, sinks and connected home products. Enjoy products that boast an innovative and contemporary design and that are fully adaptable to all daily realities. We provide a wide array of durable, versatile and timeless styles that are designed for all types of living spaces.

EZRA Lighting started with a simple idea:
to combine the energy-saving benefits of LED with durable materials,install-friendly designs, and exceptional brightness.

Our Mission

With years of industry knowledge and experience, EZRA Lighting is dedicated to becoming the most trusted source for residential and commercial lighting, both at home and abroad.

A New Warehouse To Fit EZRA Lighting's Growth

To effectively support our growth, we are now located in a new building with a warehouse that allows us to centralize our operations and provide our employees with offices better suited to our needs. This new step for EZRA Lighting allows us, among other things, to improve our efficiency with our retailers and to guarantee our customers an unparalleled experience and service.