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Desk Lamp 3 Modes 5 Dimmable Levels Touch USB Powered Reading Light Eye Protect with Timer Table Lamp

  • Light Settings at Fingertip:The lighting options allow for a variety of different lighting conditions and practical flexibility. Through sliding dimming control, precise 10 levels of brightness can be selected. In addition, it also has the ability to change five color warmth from cold light to warm light. You can choose the most comfortable lighting setting according to your mood and preferences.

    Care for Your Eyes:In addition to providing different brightness and color options, the light source is also carefully selected. The high-quality soft light beads are matched with the diffuser to avoid flicker and further soften the light, reduce the production of harmful blue light, and greatly ease visual fatigue. Ideal for any desktop tasks such as reading, writing, painting, nail art, etc.

    Multiple Angle for Great Coverage:Do you need a desk light that can move in a wide range? With a 180° flexible lamp arm and a 90° axis, you can position it directly over the objects you are working on or adjust it to whatever height you need it. What's more, the small footprint is not top-heavy, it will not tip over.

    Convenient Input and Output:Type-C input port and USB output port are designed on the back of the lamp. You can use the Type-C cable (included in the package) with adapters, power banks, and computers to power the desk lamp and get rid of the restriction of sockets. It can also charge your mobile device through the USB charging port during use, which is very practical. (plug is not included)

    Timing and Memory Function:The memory function allows the light to remember your usage habits, and automatically enters your last setting when it is turned on, so there is no need to waste time on setting it again. After triggering the timing setting, the desk lamp will automatically turn off after 45 minutes. Save power and convenience.