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1 ft. x 4 ft Integrated LED Edge-Lit Flat Panel Light Fixture, 4000K

The EZRA 1 ft. x 4 ft. White LED Flat Ceiling Fixture low profile design (less than 1 in.) along with integrated LEDs (no bulbs needed). This energy-efficient fixture uses 32-Watts and uses up to 80% less energy than a standard fixture while emitting 3300-Lumens. The LED flat panels are easy to install with patent-pending easy-to-install mounting brackets for a simple installation in both residential and commercial buildings. This light fixture has an average life of 50,000-hour/45.7-year and can be mounted as a ceiling flush mount or wall sconce.

  • The brightness of 3300-Lumens and uses only 50-Watts
  •  Drop ceiling installation with slide and lock simple mounting bracket
  • Light appearance: 4000K
  • Life hours: 45.7-year (based on 3-hour/day)
  • Fully dimmable and instant on to full brightness with even light distribution